Who are we?

SkChain Advisors support the world's most ambitious blockchain researchers and entrepreneurs.Our team is led by senior management from top global investment banks and management consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company, Ernst & Young, and HSBC.

What can we do for your business?

SkChain Advisors offers comprehensive consulting services for promising blockchain projects. These services include corporate structuring, token economic design, compliance advisory, community management, public relations, marketing, and global partnership development. We act as a close thought and execution partner to help our clients reach their maximum impact.

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Our leadership team


Barek Sekandari

CEO & General Partner


A keen entrepreneur and salesperson, Bariq launched his first company at age 17 in the Event Management space before transitioning to Real Estate, where he ran a successful property development business.

Following his introduction to Bitcoin in 2015, Bariq became fascinated with its underlying blockchain technology. After tracking bitcoin and networking in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, Bariq was well positioned to assist blockchain projects in business development and fund-raising in 2017. During this period, he also became an active contributor and token holder to numerous crypto projects.

Bariq is particularly passionate about the implementation of blockchain technology into governance models, especially around expanding the financial opportunity for individuals living in third world countries.

In 2018, Bariq has been working closely with South Asian governments and international organisations to facilitate the introduction of blockchain technology to their infrastructure.


Dr. Buyun Zhao



Dr. Buyun Zhao is currently COO of Livetree. He is experienced in AI and media analytics, trained in management consultancy by partners at McKinsey and Bain and sits on the board of 5 different high-growth startups based in London and Silicon Valley. Previously, he was a neuroscientist at the world-renowned Laboratory of Molecular Biology (which averages one Nobel laureate every two years out of a cohort of 200 scientist) and holds four degrees from Cambridge. While at Cambridge, he also co-created Molecular Behavioural Analytics (which later became Cambridge Analytica).


Marina Danylyukv

Chief Legal Advisor


Over 8 years of professional experience in commercial, corporate, and criminal law with international practices, across 4 jurisdictions (Singapore, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine), as both a corporate legal advisor, and a court lawyer.

Over 2 years working for fintech and blockchain companies as a legal advisor.

Co-founder in KAURI.ONE. Chief Legal Officer at MARK.SPACE. International Liaison of the Hong Kong Blockchain Society.

Legal adviser at the Swiss Blockchain Legal.

Energetic and highly skilled lawyer with a keen eye for detail. Superior communication skills and rapport with both legal professionals and clients. Detail-oriented with excellent research, investigative, and reporting skills.



Head of Software Development


Jure is an experienced software development leader and mentor with more than 13 years of professional experience. Throughout his career he had a chance to work with both big enterprises and small early stage startups, holding different roles and working with various tech stacks. He shares our passion for Distributed Ledger Technology and ecosystem evolving around it. Jure will be leading the development services for SKCHAIN- Digital Product Development and Consultancy business.


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